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Much more time spent by general counsel (on virtually everything) in 2006 compared to 2005

Assemble three findings from a survey conducted in 2007 by Corporate Board Magazine and FTI and general counsel appear to have become amazingly more productive last year. Let me explain this striking conclusion.

More than 200 general counsel estimated in that survey whether they had spent less, equal or more time on certain areas of law in 2006 compared to in 2005. Of those general counsel, 55 percent claimed they spent more time on “compliance” in 2006 than in 2005; 48 percent spent more time on “enterprise risk management”; and 27 percent spent more on “crisis management” (See my posts of Nov. 10, 2007 on the compliance findings; Nov. 9, 2007 on the risk management findings; and Nov. 10, 2007 on those of crisis management.).

By my reckoning, days still had only 24 hours in 2006 and these categories are very broad, so on what areas did these hard-pressed top lawyers spend less time (See my post of Dec.16, 2005 on estimated allocations of general counsel time.)?

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