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My first year of columns – 26 of them – for InsideCounsel Exclusives: Morrison on Metrics

A full year has passed since my inaugural “Morrison on Metrics” column for InsideCounsel Exclusives. Quite a few of the columns (10) had to do with benchmarks: inside spend per lawyer correlated to outside spend; benchmarks across regions; are participants in benchmark surveys representative; anonymous participants; one country vs entire-globe department; normalized metrics; lawyers per paralegal by four regions; 2010 to 2011 on two metrics; paralegals and total legal spend; and matter management and benchmark markets.

Next most frequent were five columns on statistics: correlations; trimmed means and weighted averages; modes, maximum, minimum; inter-quartile, ranges, modes; and indices.

Two concerned compensation: lawyer compensation and performance and online sources of compensation data. The rest covered a variety of topics related to quantification: matter management and benchmark markets; cases vs FTE litigators; knowledge of metrics below GC; count cases and contracts not counseling; risk; inside spend means people; manipulate and game metrics; trend lines and equations; analytical discovery software; rhetoric, explanation, and analysis.

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