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Networks of law firms that specialize, and speculation for other areas of law

Most associations of law firms boast about their size and international reach. The likes of TerraLex, LexMundi, Primerus and others believe that global coverage matters to clients. Other networks stress their regional expertise and footprint.

Still other networks of firms orient themselves around specialized areas of law. There are groups for employment law (See my post of March 11, 2010: Ius Laboris.) as well as for intellectual property law (See my post of April 10, 2006 # 4: Association of Patent Law Firms.) and litigation (See my post of April 15, 2011: The Network of Trial Law Firms.). It seems logical that there would be such groups, which share research, referrals, and marketing, in more areas of law, such as environmental or import/export and customs or perhaps immigration. I welcome hearing about them since I have probably simply not run across mention of them.

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2 responses to “Networks of law firms that specialize, and speculation for other areas of law”

  1. Jeff Carr says:

    Rees — if such firms actually leveraged prior wrok product to reduce their costs and improve quality and effectiveness as opposed to just billing hours by reinventing the wheel, now that would be something!
    Heck, that might even work for traditional firms and more traditional networks.

  2. Rees,
    I totally agree with Jeff. Most value for clients and the networked law firms doesn’t derive from cross referrals but rather from opportunities to improve existing processes or finding blue ocean spots.