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Nice remarks about me by other bloggers (aka, this blogger has no shame)

Dan Hull, on his What About Clients, flattered me today: “At his well-regarded Law Department Management, Rees Morrison, by far one of the smarter, sager and more experienced lawyer-consultants out there, just asked “Does a General Counsel Make All That Much Difference?”

Bitter Lawyer on May 8th goes Hunter Thomsonesq: “Speaking of A Few Good Men—to our ol’ boy from today’s “Bageled” abuse piece—if Rees Morrison would have seen you take a carb wheel and schmear to the noggin, he would’ve called that partner out on his patronizing disparagement and gone “code red” on his ass. Don’t let that approachable smile in his picture fool you, R. “Jessep” Morr’s got guns. You want him on that wall. You need him on that wall.”

Lance Godard wrote on May 4th, “If you don’t have this blog on your RSS feed, add it right now. Why? Because Morrison writes for in-house legal departments, and outside firms can gain a tremendous amount of insight from what he says. This post is a good example. it.

Ken Adams, of Adams Drafting, wrote earlier this year: “Rees Morrison, prolific blogger on all things law-department-related, posted this item about free legal forms available online. Here’s what it says: “As the online world inexorably proves that information wants to be free, in-house counsel will increasingly have more forms of agreements available online, and at no cost.”

Thank you.