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On this blog, the Million Word March – a whole lotta writin’ goin’ on

Through its first 4,500 posts and 52 months, this blog piled up 903,932 words. The Word document in which I have combined those posts has margins of a half inch on all sides and totals 1,456 pages. Metrics nuts will immediately note that the profusion amounts to 0.323 pages per post – three to a page – and 201 words per – two or three paragraphs usually. This post, for example, has 155 words. About 45 of the posts came from guest authors (See my post of July 30, 2009: six guest authors.), but the rest are my responsibility. An additional 32, words and 74 pages cover the 153 most recent posts.

I would have thought I might have suffered by now from episodes of writer’s block. Quite the contrary, piles of material to be writer surround my desk – it’s a case of writer’s blog.

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