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Online tool to grade your law department and company on legal data custody practices and costs

An interactive benchmarking tool is available on the IT Policy Compliance Group (IT PCG) site. The Group describes the tool as able to:

Find the maturity of your legal data custody practices [how progressive your practices are]

Determine how much money you can save by improving your practices (See my post of Feb. 7, 2009: costs of litigation hold practices.)

Determine how much time you can save by improving practices

According to the website, “The software makes it easier to see the financial implications of your company’s current practices. By themselves, the tools do not provide the ability to diagnose how current practices compare with others. However, the IT PCG full report, Improving Results for the Legal Custody of Information, contains this information.”

I like the idea of an online, interactive tool that addresses an important law-department practice.

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