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Part XXXVII of a collection of embedded metaposts

Ten more embedded metaposts (See my post of July 26, 2009: Part XXXVI), each coupled with the number of its back references.

  1. Bad behavior by managers II (See my post of March 31, 2009: nine more posts on poor behavior.).

  2. Employee satisfaction (See my post of Aug. 13, 2009: employee satisfaction with 11 references and 8 metaposts.).

  3. Human capital theory (See my post of Aug. 14, 2009: human capital with 10 references.)

  4. Independent Board counsel (See my post of Aug. 3, 2009: independent law firm serving a Board of Directors with 9 references.).

  5. Large law departments (See my post of July 29, 2009: large law departments with 19 references and one metapost.).

  6. Process control techniques (See my post of July 31, 2009: process control techniques with 3 references and 5 metaposts.).

  7. Reporting in matrix and solid line (See my post of July 4, 2009: solid line and matrix with 11 references and 3 metaposts.).

  8. Secondment III (See my post of Aug. 11, 2009: secondment arrangements with 10 references.).

  9. Standard deviation (See my post of Aug. 10, 2009: standard deviation with 9 references.).

  10. Unifying and integrating a global legal group (See my post of March 1, 2009: creating a one-department culture with 7 posts and 5 metaposts.).