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Penny Simpson, a wonderful person, and sadness

Penny Simpson, energetic, funny, generous of her time and talents, caring of those around her, a completely warm and loving person, and incidentally the very capable founder of an innovative legal technology consulting firm, lost it all two years ago from a massive heart attack. Amazingly, you could say, she survived, or at least her body did, but the loss of oxygen to her brain robbed her of her abilities, personality, husband, and joyous élan.

Penny died New Year’s Day, and it is a sadder 2012.

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8 responses to “Penny Simpson, a wonderful person, and sadness”

  1. John Janes says:

    Thanks Rees, that says it very well.

  2. Janet Scalia says:

    Beautiful tribute to Penny. She would be proud as I know how much respect she had for you. The heart attack/stroke robbed her of so much, and while she may have lost the ability to be the wife she was to Patrick, he was her Rock of Gibraltar throughout and to the end, lovingly caring for her. It is indeed a sad start to 2012.

  3. Pat Cronin says:

    Rees, thank you so much. We will all miss her and she will always be a part of my life. Many thanks to you and Frank Orzo, another great friend. Goodnight, Pat

  4. Jeff Hodge says:

    A very nice tribute Rees. For those of us that knew Penny, she was everything you say. Additionally, she was a savvy business woman, a tenacious competitor and a person entirely dedicated to her clients. I am pleased to have known her and so sorry for her family. Jeff

  5. Kim Townsan says:

    I was fortunate to be one of Penny’s clients. She was an amazing person with whom it was an absolute delight to collaborate with. She filled a room with her energy and her problem solving skills were second to none. Her laugh, her sense of humor are what I will remember. We’ve lost a wonderful person.

  6. Lois Gurnham says:

    I remember visiting Penny in Texas and forgetting to pierce the potatos before putting them in the oven. Of course they blew up. In true Penny fashion, we laughed and had a drink! When she visited me, i made her a fan of triple creme brie and the show Amazing Race. We said, someday we’d maybe be on the show together. I’m sad to be so far way from where she lived, and not to have been able to keep in touch as much as i would have liked. But true friends don’t need constant companionship, they just need to know whenever, whereever, and however long it’s been – it’s ok to stop by and say hi. That was my friend Penny. She is in my heart forever, and i would like to reach out to all her friends and family as a mutual friend, and give my heartfelt condolences. She was a very special person and will be missed.

  7. Teresa Cooper says:

    I was also a fortunate client of Penny’s. She is truly one in a million and I am so blessed, in so many ways, to have gotten to know her.

  8. Nanci Tucker says:

    I just learned of Penny’s passing and my heart goes out to her family. I worked with Penny for 18 months up to the time of her debilitating heart attack. I learned so very much from her, and like many of you, will remember her fabulous laugh (Ha!) and her love for life and the people around her.