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Project management software aimed specifically at e-discovery

As more legal departments bring inside the software and expertise to handle e-discovery, general counsel and their IT colleagues may want to consider work-flow management software designed for that task. KM World, Feb. 2010 at 15, mentions three offerings: iFramework from i-Framework, Atlas Suite from PSS Systems, and Fusion from Exterro all offer e-discovery project-management capabilities.

With the enormity, cost and importance of finding and producing relevant documents, electronic as well as traditional, legal departments may find such software a key tool for control (See my post of May 3, 2008: internal discovery teams with 8 references.).

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One response to “Project management software aimed specifically at e-discovery”

  1. Sarah Brown says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Rees! Managing the point-tool and vendor chaos, as well as collaborating across internal departments and coordinating with outside counsel to control data volumes and overall costs is an increasing challenge for many corporations.
    Exterro’s Fusion Discovery Workflow Management is the leading comprehensive project management solution that automates the ad-hoc processes used today by legal, IT and resource teams to deliver a streamlined, collaborative process around all e-discovery activities, from matter, issue and cost management to discovery history and business intelligence reporting. Readers looking to learn more can click here: