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Quick Response codes – the ubiquitous, Rorschach-looking black and white squares

QR (Quick Response) codes are everywhere these days. A QR code (in effect a barcode for mobile phones) will link to a piece of text, a phone number, an SMS message or URL.

Law department lawyers will increasingly see them in publications. For vendors and law firms the URL is probably the most useful option as it allows them to link to a chunk of material, such as case studies, background information or other forms of sales and marketing collateral, that there isn’t space for in an ad. But URLs are awkward to enter for smart phone users. So, QR codes are also starting to crop up, such as on business cards as they can provide links to supplemental information. Further, As long as the URL that the QR code links to remains the same, the web content can be updated and revised as frequently as required.

I read about QR codes in Charles Christian;s Legal Technology Insider and borrowed heavily from his write up for this post. I even tried my own QR for this blog.

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