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Rees Morrison’s Morsels #137: posts longa, morsels breva

Emails before bed or a double espresso. An item in PC Today, June 2010 at 8, quotes a sleep expert: “Checking emails just before bed halts the production of sleep enhancing melatonin and has the same effect as drinking a double espresso.” Since I routinely check my emails at night, that was a wakeup call (See my post of June 29, 2009: sleep with 10 references.).

Comments on page views, posts, and comments on this blog. By July 13, 2010 according to TypePad, this 5.5 year old blog has had 524,031 lifetime pageviews. That is the viewing history based on 5,600 blog posts, which means about 100 pageviews per post. A total of 509 comments on the blog means that for every ten posts, someone leaves a comment that I allow to remain. Mind you, I delete perhaps half the comments because they are spam, so the 509 means substantive comments (See my post of Feb. 16, 2008: shout-out to those who have posted comments.).

The shrinking funnel from possibilities to patents to profit. Research in 1997 found that “About 3,000 raw ideas are needed to produce 150 patent applications and, ultimately, one commercial success.” The quote comes from the Acad. Mgt. Rev., Oct. 2005 at 860. If that progression holds today, it sheds some light on the workload on patent lawyers in law departments. The same article says that “the number of patents a company holds is positively associated with sales and with stock performance” (See my post of March 21, 2006: slender payoff from patent activity; and Jan. 3, 2006: value delivered from patents.).

The best title ever for a general counsel. The top lawyer for the London Underground Ltd., Alison Dunn, has a standout title: Head of General Counseling & Trauma.