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SharePoint and offerings built around it were plentiful at LegalTechNY

By my rough count, at least six vendors at LegalTechNY offered SharePoint applications. For example, Handshake Software explained to me that its software can draw on the structured, SQL data in any matter management system and put that data into SharePoint. It sounds like the ubiquitous software takes a step toward a portal, or a platform, or a data warehouse.

Handshake also explained that their PageGum application lets an in-house lawyer personalize SharePoint. Tools that personalize what is on the screen for a user have great appeal, if the users take advantage of those features.

I note three other SharePoint vendors from the show. CLM Matrix offers a SharePoint application related to contract administration and Business Integrity promotes its integration with SharePoint for contract creation and management with Contract Express. The third is Dolphin software, which swims in the same pool as CLM Matrix and Business Integrity.

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