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SharePoint application for knowledge distribution at Hilton, a global legal department

An example of how a SharePoint application helps a legal department appears in E. Leigh Dance, Bright Ideas: Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide (Mill City Press 2009) at 19.

Tim Glassett, the former general counsel of Hilton Hotels and its 40 in-house lawyers, used SharePoint “lists” for each of the legal department’s subunits (whether a practice or region). They had a “View” (their own customized page) that they populate at least weekly by each lawyer with brief descriptions of key information: top three developments, top three unfavorable developments, all new matters).

Users could view only the Highlights if they choose. That way, all lawyers worldwide had a consistent, quick and easy way and frequently received high-level global information. If they wanted more detailed information, they could go to any of the subunit views. SharePoint also includes some limited “push” communication tools” (See my post of June 9, 2009: SharePoint with 6 references.). Hilton’s SharePoint application offered capabilities much like a wiki (See my post of Sept. 1, 2008: wikis with 8 references.).