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Some data on sites that have referred readers to this blog

For the 30 days preceding July 24, 2011, SiteMeter shows the web pages ranked by visitors they directed to my blog. Towering over all other sites is (245 referrals), in part reflecting the fact that this blog stands as one of the blog family and my posts circulate on its heavily-trafficed site. Next comes the fine blog of Geoff Gussis, In-House Blog (89 referrals) and, to my surprise, Twitter (62). Twitter has steadily increased as a source of visitors over the past year.

Joe Bookman’s PinHawk (44) comes in fourth and then this blog itself (41). My laboriously created back references take no credit; TypePad’s suggestions of related posts account for most of them.

The next five referral sites include LinkedIn (34), my website (27),, in part because it runs my five most recent posts, ITDatabase (12), the bankruptcy news aggregator BK Information (6), and StumbleUpon (6). I am not sure what StumbleUpon is or does, but I welcome the leads.

Next, at five referrals each come ACC’s InHouse Access, and Legal Blog Watch. Then Codean’s website (4), The Middle Office (3), ABA Journal, Exari’s website, the Canadian Bar Association, Legal Project Management, LexisNexis’ Connected, Prism Legal of Ron Friedmann, TCummins, and Weagree – all at two visitors referred from each. The final group sent one visitor: 21st Century Law, BottomLine, Dolphin Software, General Counsel Metrics, Intelligent Challenge, Legal Bill Reviewer Blog, and Legal Holds.

I have written about some of the data that SiteMeter provides (See my post of Feb. 20, 2007: started SiteMeter in early 2007; Feb. 16, 2008: and In-House Blog were among the leaders in referrals; July 24, 2009: unique visitors and three-quarters from law departments; Aug. 19, 2009 #1: about 20% are non-US visitors; and Nov. 16, 2009: average visitors and page views since Feb. 2007.). Just for the record, SiteMeter tells me that 96 percent of my visitors read it in English.

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  1. Geoff says:

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