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Some insights into who visits this blog

During three consecutive weekday mornings, I downloaded from SiteMeter the visitors’ detail. Of the approximately 300 visits, 224 were from different sites (which means that about 25 percent of the sites had more than one visit during those three days). Of the 224 distinct sites, 108 were ISP addresses and there is no quick way to find out who they are. If you use, it takes quite a bit of time and tells you that many are service providers. I spot checked a handful.

Of the 116 visitors from sites that had names, such as, many were internet service providers (Comcast, Quest, etc.). Of the rest, 30 were companies, 7 were law firms, 3 educational institutions, and 2 were government. It is not possible to tell anything about a specific person within an identified site, so I cannot say that people from companies were with their law departments.

This small sample, however, suggests that visitors to LawDepartmentManagementBlog come four times as much from corporate entities as from law firms.

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