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Status report on embedded metaposts on this blog

Your humble scribe aspires to no less than a multi-year effort to collect and intelligently comment on as much about management of legal departments as possible. The online corpus, now nearly 4,300 posts, offers visitors much to read and ponder.

What I have labored on besides chronological posts is to create back references, two blooks (on outside counsel management and talent management) and 290 embedded metaposts – collections of six or more posts on a topic.

Metaposts started in October of my first blogging year, 2005, and rose in both frequency and number of back references the next year to 16 with 191 references. In 2007, I created 41 more embedded metaposts with 475 total references, but dwarfed those numbers last year with 156 metaposts totaling 2,650 references. This year, with 63 metaposts and 709 references to date, is on pace with last year.

Although not one reader has mentioned to me that a metapost was useful, I believe they are helping to organize ideas and gradually assemble a framework for knowledge about how legal departments should and do operate (See my post of Sept. 25, 2008: this blog and posts about it, with 41 references.).