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Thank you, contributing (guest) authors on this blog! Are others interested in writing?

Ideas and issues about management of corporate legal functions thrive outside of what I encounter or think up. To help remedy my blind spots, I have welcomed to date and very much appreciated the insights of six co-authors: Brad Blickstein, George Cunningham, Bruce Heintz, Jeff Kaplan, Jane DiRenzo Pigott, and Robert Unterberger.

They have written about their specialties starting as far back as February 2007 (See my post of Feb. 18, 2007: Cunningham on records management; April 27, 2007: Blickstein on vendors to law departments; Nov. 30, 2007: Pigott on diversity; Feb. 16, 2009: Heintz on law firm views of legal departments; Feb. 22, 2009: Kaplan on compliance and ethics; and June 15, 2009: Unterberger on offshoring.).

Other readers have sent me ideas that I have reworked into posts, with full attribution, and I am pleased to do so when material sent to me fits the style and goals of this blog.

If you, reader, would like to grace the screens of this blog, write me. If the material is appropriate, I can edit it or craft one around your ideas and check with you to see if you agree.

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