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Three comments on contract automation from an article by Business Integrity

What I have referred to on this blog as “document assembly” software others refer to as “contract automation” software. An article by Gabrielle Walker, the general counsel of a leading provider of contract automation software, Business Integrity, offers three points for comment. The article is in the Met. Corp. Counsel, Oct. 2011 at 32.

Point one is that clients, too, can use the software, not just law departments. If clients have access to applications, it allows those “business users to go directly to the customer without being slowed down by the legal department – without compromising the company’s risk tolerance.” That helps everyone, so long as business users don’t alter the approved language of the agreement.

Second, Business Integrity names some corporations that use ContractExpress: Cisco, Cadence, Microsoft, Pepsi, Henkel, AXA PPP Healthcare, and SolarCity. On the website of Business Integrity are listed Amazon, Catholic Healthcare West, Georgia Pacific, Jumeirah, PetSmart, Sodexo and, Standard Chartered. Law department managers respect service providers and vendors who identify at least some of their user base.

A survey Business Integrity is conducting about contract automation makes my third point. Since I encourage all kinds of metrics, consider taking the survey. Here is the URL

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