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Twitter followers of this blog, or me, and changes in RSS patterns

Looking in on my Twitter account, I was surprised to learn how many people are following me (@reesmorrison): 650. Back in late January of 2011, I wrote that 344 were doing so at that time, so something like one a day have seen fit to connect. The group has lots of vendors and legal publishers and people interested in law and technology – plus others that leave me at a loss as to why they follow.

What is going on, I believe, is that all my posts here flow through in abbreviated style to Twitter. Those who follow me can then click on the ones that pique their interest. Reflective of that pattern, Twitter shows up on SiteMeter as the source of 50 visits to my blog recently. The trend is steadily upwards, which does not bode well for RSS sites such as FeedBurner and the many others.

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