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Two client-benefiting practices from the U.S. law firm, Gibbons: a CLE Academy and a “kmAlerts System”

Gibbons, with 230 attorneys, runs an in-house training and educational platform called Gibbons Academy. All of its productions qualify for CLE credits and an article in the Met. Corp. Counsel, Oct. 2011 at 41, describing it briefly, leaves the impression that legal department lawyers who are clients of the firm can avail themselves of the professional development training. Free CLE through law firms can be both cost-saving and quality enhancing for a department.

It is also worth noting that Gibbons offers clients, at no charge, “kmAlerts System,” which “monitors news, case law, business and legal issues, industries and docket events, delivered via custom reports.” Sounding like the firm has melded tools available for Internet searches and customized newsletter assembly, this creates an additional value for legal departments who can take advantage of it (See my post of May 28, 2010: Pinhawk assembles customized e-newsletters.). As with free CLE, law departments benefit from efforts like this update system from a law firm.