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Unusual software used by law departments who responded to an ILTA survey

In the “anything else” category of law department software, the 54 respondents to this year’s ILTA survey of its legal department members came up with a range of software. Workshare for document comparison had the most mentions (8) while the other 10 packages in eight categories had only one each: ReqWired for CLE tracking, Paisley for compliance, WinScribe and Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice recognition, LawLogix for employment, dtSearch for enterprise search, Thomson Innovation and LexisNexis PatBase for intellectual property, Esquire Innovations iCreate for templates, and Thomson CaseMap for trial management.

If these 54 departments have licensed 11 uncommon software packages, as compared to e-billing, matter management, document management and corporate secretary packages that are quite frequent, don’t we wish we had ten times as many respondents so we could gaze with wonder at the plethora of packages in use in-house?

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