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UTC references and its global spread plus governance software

Several posts here have mentioned United Technologies’ legal department (See my post of Dec. 8, 2005: lessons learned from alternative billing; Dec. 19, 2005: difficulty proving savings from discounts; Jan. 6, 2006: captive offshore facility; and Aug. 24, 2006: use of a balanced scorecard.). When I read in Legal Tech. News, May 2009 at 50, that the department has 250 attorneys located in 55 global offices, I marveled at the dispersion (See my post of Sept. 16, 2008: foreign locations of in-house counsel with 11 references.).

The profile of Kim Townsan, its long-serving senior manager of legal administration, also mentions that the department uses a package not mentioned heretofore, ComputerShare Governance Services Global Entity Management System (See my post of Dec. 12, 2007: corporate secretary with 13 references; and Aug. 12, 2008: corporate secretary with 21 references.).