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Whimper, sniff – blogs don’t persuade general counsel to hire anyone

I write this blog in part to have my phone ring: “Mr. Morrison, I deeply admire your perspicacious postings and beg to retain you – forget the cost – for the huge consulting project my law department needs done right now.”

That reverie fades, and in fact, according to Robert Denney, borders on delusion. With no hint of compassion, he writes in Law Practice, Vol. 32, March 2006 at 13 that “at least up until now, corporate general counsels (sic) rarely select a firm or lawyer based on what’s in a blog.” Say it ain’t so, Bob!

(As to the sic, see my post of March 22, 2006 about “general counsel” with or without an “s.”).

“Oh, somewhere children play, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Blogville, mighty blogger has struck out.”