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Why don’t I write a book on law department management rather than this blog?

This blog, proud as I am of it and hard as I toil on it, still remains scattered, opportunistic, abbreviated, and idiosyncratic. Right, it’s a blog. Why don’t I craft a fuller, more thoughtful book instead?

As Amy Winehouse sang, “No, no, no.” Books inevitably push you to fill in the holes with blather. You can’t know enough so you pontificate or bloviate. Second, they consume huge amounts of time in the writing and more in the publishing and marketing. Who pays for books anymore or reads them if they do? I think this blog has more chance of making a difference. As James Joyce closed Ulysses: “Yes, yes, yes.”

In any case, many books about law department management already beckon the interested reader (See my post (See my post of Nov. 16, 2009: books about law departments with 8 references; and July 27, 2011: several more books.).

Besides, my blog, footloose and fancy free, amuses me too much fun for me to submit to the heavy yoke of a book.

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