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Wikipedia needs material on law department management

Sniffing around on Wikipedia, I realized that no one has written about that topic über alles, that sine qua non, that ne plus ultra – law department management. There are snippets under “general counsel” and “chief legal officer” and I did stumble upon “legal administrator,” but recoiled from the fact that it refers only to those who hold that position in a law firm.

Well, I could not let that effrontery stand (See my posts of Jan. 27, 2006; and Aug.1, 2006 on law department administrators.). In a moment I became Wikipedia contributor number 40,590 as I added a sentence or two to introduce the world to law department administrators.

It’s a tad self-destructive for this blogger to urge readers to add to Wikipedia anything about how to run a law department better, but our industry would benefit if they did.

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