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World’s largest benchmark survey at the halfway point – some data and findings

To get Release 3.0 in late September and its benchmark metrics for your industry based on 500+ companies, all at no cost, click here to take the General Counsel Metrics global benchmark survey.

As of this morning, 383 law departments have submitted their six pieces of staffing and spending data. They reported 9,394 attorneys, along with 2,535 paralegals and 5,281 other legal staff (medians of 8, 2, and 3, respectively). At a combined inside and outside spend of $9.6 billion, they supported $2.3 trillion of corporate revenue.

In addition to the 21 basic industries reported on by General Counsel Metrics, Release 3.0 in late September will have at least five specialized industry-segments, such as restaurants, national laboratories, medical devices, universities and others. Once there are six or more participants in an industry segment, the Release creates benchmarks just for them. Also of note, exactly 100 of the respondents are Fortune 500 or larger (more than $4.7 billion in revenue). Of them, 29 weighed in at $20 billion or more; the median revenue of the entire group, however, is $1.4 billion. At the smaller size, 60 of the departments reported corporate revenue of $100 million or less.

The group ranges across the world, with 62 percent being U.S. corporations. Of this year’s participants so far, 176 also took part in last year’s survey. Finally, 133 general counsel took the few minutes to personally complete the survey. They will receive the next release at no cost and can order customized reports if they wish.

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