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Your odds of hiring law firm associates are not all equal

Mark I. Sirkin, Ph.D., Hildebrandt International

Since law departments recruit mostly from law firm associates, the more general counsel know about them the more successful recruiting and retention efforts will be. According to Hildebrandt International, Understanding Associates: New Perspectives on Associate Satisfaction and Morale (Somerset, NJ: 2007), associates divide into four distinct groups: Career Practitioners, Flexibility Seekers, Called Lawyers, and Willing Workers. Here is an overview of the differences between the groups:

Segmentation of Associates

Type Career Practitioners Flexibility Seekers Called Lawyers Willing Workers
Aspirations Become partner Have a good lifestyle Do good in the world Make money
Likely GenderMale Female Female Male
Love theLawSomewhat Not really Strong Somewhat
Work-Life Bal.Not priority Most important Important Somewhat important

A later post will explain which of these types of associates make for the best recruits to a law department.

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