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15 percent more productivity from wide-screen flat-panel LCD monitors (at least in discovery)

An article about King & Spalding’s 150-person Discovery Center describes the history and attributes of that Center. They use project attorneys and staff attorneys for document review. But what stood out for me was a sentence about the productivity returns from big screens.

I appreciate data that supports claims, so it made my quant heart jump to read that “widescreen flat-panel LCD monitors further contribute to a significant improvement in our attorney review rates – the equivalent of adding 1.5 reviewers to a 10-person project at no additional cost.” That is a fifteen percent gain in throughput.

Reviewing documents is not what in-house lawyers do for hours at a time, but I have to believe that large screens, or double monitors, enable lawyers to spend more time doing and less time mousing (See my post of Sept. 30, 2009: monitors with 6 references.). The article is in Met. Corp. Counsel, Feb. 2010 at 9.

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