A BLOOK by Rees Morrison on Outside Counsel Management

Outside Counsel Management by Law Departments: Rees Morrison’s Blook

By Rees W. Morrison © 2009

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This “blook” – a book made up of compiled and ordered blog posts – contains 471 selected posts in 203 pages from Rees Morrison’s LawDepartmentManagementBlog. The six chapters cover when do you need outside counsel, how do you find them, what billing arrangements make sense, how do you manage them, how do you evaluate their performance, and what other considerations apply. Within each chapter, the posts are organized according to a two-level taxonomy.

Most posts are two or three paragraphs; many of them have a source given; about half of them refer to at least one earlier post (a “back reference”). To see examples of the style of a post, each with a header in bold and the date of the post, see the blog entries on the main page.

Three veterans of law department management annotated more than 75 posts. Their observations are at the end of whichever post they annotated. Other than these comments, there are no additional discussions.

Six tools help readers find posts of interest. The 14-page table of contents shows all the headers of the posts, in their order in the blook. The 8-page full index is exhaustive whereas the index of proper names is briefer. The 27-page back-reference table lists back references by ascending date for the 240 posts that have a total of 589 back references. Another table lists each post in chronological order. A third table lists each post in alphabetical order by its header. Additionally, the book includes a 4-page table of sources.

If you have any questions about this blook, contact me online, or call me at (United States) 973.568.9110.