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A “blook review” (a blogger book review) – nine blog posts give a feel for a book

Just as this blogger does not try for encyclopedic pieces or comprehensive treatments of topics, he no longer writes traditional book reviews. But he will plunder thoughtful points from a book, and has done so abundantly with Leigh Dance’s stimulating book, Bright Ideas: Insights from Legal Luminaries Worldwide (Mill City Press 2009). Each of its 26 chapters are 3-5 pages or so, easy to read, and informative. About a third each of them come from senior inside lawyers, partners at major firms, and others such as consultants and journalists.

My extracts from Leigh’s book have covered many topics (See my post of July 7, 2009: GCs urged to be decisive; July 16, 2009: three-way distribution of responsibilities in a global legal department; July 16, 2009: soft skills for in-house attorneys; July 16, 2009: SharePoint application at Hilton Hotels; July 16, 2009: general counsel need stamina if they travel much; July 16, 2009: the demands for travel on general counsel; July 29, 2009: be fair to outside counsel and keep in mind what they go through for you; July 30, 2009: professional management in law firms percolates to law departments; and July 30, 2009: the drip-drip of law firm rainmakers.).

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