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A clever and funny send-up of law departments and their reviews of marketing material

On the last page of NJBiz’s special issue, General Counsel of the Year Awards (2012), Heartland Payment Systems placed an ad honoring Charles Kallenbach, its General Counsel. At the top, the full-page ad says “Congratulations to Charles Kallenbach for receiving the highest honor ever bestowed upon a human being by the nation’s top business magazine.” [I can’t do strike-throughs on this blog platform, so imagine the bold words marked out]

That touch of hyperbole is struck through and this follows: “Congratulations to Charles Kallenbach for receiving the highest honor ever.” It too is crossed out.

Finally, in the middle of the page, there remains “Congratulations” and under it, in much smaller type is “(Sorry Charles, our legal department had to approve this.)”

My congratulations to those in the legal department of Heartland, or to whomever, with the sense of humor and style to come up with the funniest law department ad ever published. Strike that!