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A compilation of suggestions for how to make better use of email

President Obama and I share an infatuation with our Blackberries. That means I send and receive many e-mails, although nowhere near as many as some in-house attorneys handle. The more adept and efficient we all are with email, the better.

Email effectiveness tips have shown up all over this blog (See my post of June 16, 2006: five tips; Nov. 6, 2006: three tips; Dec. 28, 2006: additional suggestions and comments; July 20, 2007: two tips; Nov. 7, 2007: five good practices; Nov. 28, 2007: four tips on email productivity; Dec. 26, 2008 #4: grotesquely long signature block; Jan. 18, 2009: software that helps with email; Feb. 17, 2008: futile searches for e-mail messages; and Feb. 25, 2008: seven tips for how to do email more productively.). With my next post on e-mail I will restate all the life-hacking gems.

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