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A dubious metric on the average cost of a case, or e-discovery, or something

I seem to be running across quite a few problematic sentences and paragraphs. This one, from an advertisement supplement by EMC2 in Corp. Counsel, Vol.15, Jan. 2008, after 50, set scratching my head: “The costs and risks of eDiscovery (sic) can be dramatic, with the average cost of a case being in excess of $1 million.”

It is unclear whether the million-dollar figure is intended to apply just to ediscovery expenditures, which cannot possibly be true. The quote also seems to refer to the cost of an average case, because no case can have an average cost. Nor am I sure why “risks” shows up, when the sentence has to do with financial exposure. And, finally, why label some circumstance dramatic if the average of whatever runs to seven figures?