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A grab bag of posts on brown bag lunches

Informal get-togethers at lunch, sometimes known as brown bag lunches and sometimes referred to as lunch-and-learns, can serve a variety of purposes. Low cost, convivial, flexible, they offer many pluses, although they also impinge on people’s personal time.

My previous posts have touched on them in terms of improving morale, training and educating, communicating policies, and helping interns feel at home (See my post of April 14, 2005: boost morale with brown bag lunches; May 1, 2005: spread CLE knowledge to the rest of the law department; July 9, 2007: technology Lunch & Learns; Jan. 2, 2009: knowledge management with lunch-and-learns; Dec. 7, 2009: interns at Bristol Myers Squibb; and Dec. 17, 2010: Shell and learning lunches.).