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A large number of competitors covered in the matter management and e-billing arena, and more probably in the wings

A recent market report from Hyperion Research describes a dozen vendors of matter management and e-billing who are identified as “Market Participants.” The Aug. 2010 MarketView Report of Hyperion Research, “e-Billing and Matter Management Systems for Corporations,” at 14-17 gives thumbnail descriptions of each company, its products, services, and strengths and weaknesses. [Disclaimer: I received a free review copy of the report.]

Several of the packages were unfamiliar to me, partly because they may focus on a particular industry, such as insurance and claims, and partly because the demarcation line between these law department systems and systems that also serve law firms can blur. I would not be surprised if several other software companies claim they have solutions for in-house counsel to track matters and spending.

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