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A mentoring program that cuts across organizational boundaries

At Cox Communications, in-house counsel in managerial roles can take part in the company’s formal mentoring program. If they do participate in the year-long program, they are never matched with other lawyers. Instead they are mentored by high-level leaders from elsewhere in the corporation.

According to the article about this program in the ACC Docket, Vol. 25, Nov. 2007 at 28, during the mentorship, pairs spend a minimum of three hours a month to face-time together. (See my posts of April 30, 2006 on the looseness of the term “mentor”; July 14, 2005 on the difference between a mentor and a coach; Nov. 25, 2006 on a program by Commerce & Industry that taps mentors outside each company; and April 30, 2006 on mentors and threatening successors.).

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