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A mini-dictionary of the definitions proposed so far on this blog

Several posts have assembled the various attempts on this blog to define terms that we use when we talk about law department management (See my posts of May 3, 2006 with 32 words or phrases; Aug. 26, 2006 with 10 more; and Nov. 26, 2006 and 13 more.).

To those 55 definitions, I have added nine more recently (See my posts of June 10, 2007 for “compliance”; June 10, 2007 for “crisis;” Nov. 20, 2007 on “culture”; June 9, 2007 for “flex time” and “compressed time” with 4 references cited; Nov. 27, 2007 for “management tools”; June 5, 2007 for “office politics”; July 29, 2007 for “rents” as used by economists; and May 16, 2007 regarding “world class.”).

Other posts have considered the meanings of various terms (See my post of June 4, 2007 about the illusive meaning of “leadership,” “culture,” “competencies” and “clients”; June 18, 2007 on what we think of when we say we “fire” a law firm.) Even farther afield are the meanings cultural anthropologists might derive from out offices and behavior (See my post of June 24, 2007.).

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