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A new matter management system, used by major global law departments, from Brazil

At LegalTech NY I ran across Tedesco Tecnologia, a 13-year-old Brazilian software firm that offers an ASP matter management system for law departments. It has law departments using its software in 32 countries, including Air Liquide, Whirlpool S/A – Brasil, Wal-Mart – Brazil, BASF, and InBev, the world’s largest brewer. Marketing literature states that it covers more than 30 industries.

I did not take part in a demonstration of the system, but spoke with a principle and reviewed the company’s marketing materials. One feature of the Tedesco’s system is that it translates all but free text into 17 languages, so lawyers can see screen text, the system’s 25 fields, and data-entry selections in whichever of those languages they specify. Many currencies are also converted into local currencies.

US law departments are accustomed to the set of vendors known in this market, and they assume screens are in English. Tedesco offers a new, cosmopolitan alternative for consideration.

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