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A Ning from Estonia that has 600+ IP-related blogs on it!

Mikk Putk, an energetic Estonian from Tallinn , has assembled all these blogs. He has created an impressive online footprint while he works at a patent agency, NotaBene. Putk’s IP Blogs Search Engine is available on the main page of IPNetwork. For more information, here is a succinct quote from the company’s website:

Patendibüroo NotaBene OÜ on välja kasvanud 2007. aastal asutatud Tehnoloogiauuringute OÜst. Pakume täisteenust intellektuaalomandi valdkonnas ettevõtetele ning teadus- ja arendusasutustele alates idee tekkimisest kogu toote/teenuse elutsükli jooksul.

My points for this post are three: (1) online information useful to legal department managers is prodigious and international, (2) Ning’s are resources that are not well exploited in the legal domain, and (3) many models of information collection, analysis and delivery are possible and more will evolve for general counsel and others.