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A popularity ranking for blogs covering in-house legal departments

USLaw Blog Directory lists this blog and five others under its heading “Law Blogs.” For each blog it gives a description as well as the average number of posts per day and, most intriguing to me, a “popularity ranking.”

Aha, said I, am I a wallflower or constantly on the dance floor? You make the call!

Legal Literacy adds posts once every three days and has a popularity ranking of 3.
Jonathan B. Wilson posts on average once per day and has a popularity ranking of 4.
Rees Morrison’s blog (that would be me) posts 2.5 times a day and has a ranking of 5.
InhouseBlog has a post every other day and a popularity ranking of 5.
CISCO High Tech Policy Blog posts every ten days and has a ranking of 6.
The Legal Thing averages posts every three days and has a popularity of 7.

Clearly, quantity of posts does not a popular blog make; I will have to turn my attention to quality.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out whether a higher popularity ranking means a blog is more or less popular than a blog with a lower popularity rank.