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A resource for legal departments to find “distinguished neutrals” – arbitrators and mediators

The Executive Director, Darren Lee, of the National Association of Distinguished Neutrals, wrote me. I looked briefly at the group’s website which claims that “With over 400 members throughout the United States, the NADN is the largest public roster of experienced ADR attorneys on the internet.” The list is available at no cost.

I wrote Lee about law departments that have used the service. He replied: “[A]mongst the departments that have used the Florida Chapter website in the last few weeks: Geico Insurance; Raymond James Financial; DeAngelis Diamond Construction; Marriott International; TOP Constructions, Wal-Mart Stores East; [and] Armstrong Forensic Engineers.” He added: “Please keep in mind that when you say ‘used our services’, 99% of the time that simply means that firms/counsel have used the association websites (,,, etc) to select, and then contact, a member attorney.”