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A second book on the history of New York City’s law department

Walter Olson writes on the blog Point of Law that the New York Law Journal and the New York City Law Department have collaborated to publish a new book entitled “Fighting for the City: A History of the New York City Corporation Counsel” by William E. Nelson. The book traces the history of theCity’s law department from its origins in 1686. It’s available (search on title or author) through NYC’s CityStore or American Lawyer Media’s

Hard to believe, but one hundred years ago, someone wrote a book-length history of that same law department (See my post of Dec. 31, 2006.). As for other books about departments and the management thereof, here are sources for a bibliography (See my posts of Aug. 27, 2005: lists 16 of them; Feb. 10, 2007 #3: two more; and Feb. 23, 2006: Amazon search uncovers 8 books.). I have tried to find all law-department related books that are in English (See my post of July 18, 2006: histories of law departments.).