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A shout-out to those who have posted comments on this blog

Almost at my third anniversary, and with 188 comments collected by this blog, it is seemly for me to thank the readers who have taken the time to leave comments. I have written stand-alone posts in response to several of the comments, with the following three being examples (See my posts of Feb. 6, 2008: David Hobbie; Dec. 9, 2005: Resonance Partnership; and Sept. 5, 2005.).

Especially I thank the following people, listed in order of how many comments they have left: Patrick Lamb (10), Paul Reynolds (9), Bill Heinze (6), Lucas Cassiano (6), and Matthew Petrich (4). I note that Pat Lamb and Bill Heinze each host their own blog.

Ten more readers have commented more than once: Domenic Leo, Bill Hogsett, Ed Poll, Igor Berger, John Lassey, Sean Fosmire, Rob Thomas, Ron Bell, Ron Friedmann, and Terence Jesse.

A large group of readers, 69 in all, have left a single comment: Alva Christine, Amanda Nelson, Andy James, Bill Evans, Brad Blickstein, Brian Reuter, Bruce MacEwen, Bruce W. Marcus, Charlie Brown, Chris Mourse, Christian Liipfert, Christine M. Parizo, Dan Walter, David Hobbie, David Jacobson, David Spence, Deon Binneman, Dom Leo, Donald B. Kramer, Doug Cornelius, Dr. Dan Kirsch, Ed Fiducia, Edgar Tordesillas, Ellen Weber, Enrico Schaefer, Geoff Gussis, George Anderson, James Hartt, Jeff Carr, Jim Taronji, Joe Poole, John Darer, Joseph Heyison, Juraj Alexander, Justin Ruckman, Kelly Stuart, Ken Adams, Ken Wollins, Kenneth Jones, Kurt Swanke, Mark Ross, Michael E. Woods Petere Fontes, Phuleswari Narzary, Rachi Messing, Ralph Losey, Randy Cadenhead, Richard Hall, Richard Maizels, Rick Wolf, Rob Holloway, Santoshmurthy Vashista, Saul Lieberman, Shandon Gunter, Shyam Varan Nath, Simon Chester, Stathis Mihos, Stephanie West Allen, Stephen Dunne, Steven Davies, Sugiarto Setiabudi, Susan Cartier Liebel, Susan Diehl, Susan Dunn, Tariq Hafeez, Tim Erby, Tim Parnell, Tim van Gelder, and Trevor Hill.

Thirty others left comments but not their full name, so I cannot acknowledge and thank them publicly. One of them, with the alias “Sam,” has even left four comments.

Others, I should note, have sent me email comments, and I have tried to respond to them all and to post selectively from their ideas. I have written to more than 100 readers who have taken the time to email me.

I thank all of you, and invite even more responses by comments posted here or emails sent to me.