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A surfeit of posts on budgets

In the nick of time after just-in-time budgeting (See my post of Aug. 11, 2009: four techniques for budgets.), I ran a comb through my output since the most recent metapost on budgets. Sure enough, out fell a slew of them.

The costs that comprise an internal budget surfaced regularly (See my post of Oct. 11, 2008: budget should not include purchases of counterfeits; Dec. 23, 2008: one-half of administrators have no separate budget; Dec. 26, 2008 #2: match-gift donations not in budget; Jan. 15, 2009: might not include costs of support staff provided by business units; Jan. 7, 2009: get budgets with firms even for general advice; March 9, 2009: discretionary funds available in larger law departments; and June 5, 2009: budgets gone haywire over currency fluctuations.).

Budgets submitted by outside counsel accounted for several posts (See my post of Dec. 18, 2008: Firm B has the right to take or pass on Firm A’s budget; Nov. 21, 2008: performance against budget should determine if panel firms get more work; May 24, 2009: predictability’s alleged value; and Aug. 4, 2009: expect the fee funnel for budgets.).

Other points about budgets cropped up (See my post of Dec. 7, 2008: observations on budget cuts; Jan. 2, 2009: pros and cons of zero-based budgets; Jan. 4, 2009: multiple cost centers; Jan. 21, 2009: JDS Uniphase and its rolling, quarterly budgets; March 29, 2009: five steps toward budget reality; and May 6, 2009: the term “budget” vs “forecast”.).

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