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A third newly-found blog by a General Counsel

One aggregated post (what I call a metapost) and two individual posts since its appearance have noted and welcomed blogs by in-house counsel (See my post of Feb. 17, 2011: lists 11 blogs by in-house lawyers; March 1, 2011: Melanie Hatton blog; and March 3, 2011: Mr. Bizzle blawg.). A third in-house blog hove into view, The GC’s Eye View.

Tom Kilroy, chief lawyer of a listed UK software company, writes the blog. Kilroy is from the UK as are Tim Bratton, Melanie Hatton and the mysterious Mr. Bizzle, The GC’s Eye view offers the observations of a General Counsel. The site’s background says Kilroy began the blog early this year so it has not had much time to find its voice. Anyway, the chorus of law department blogs always welcomes new singers!

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