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A tool to explain e-discovery metrics and an encouragement to save money with lower-cost staff

DiscoveryMetrics™, by Casewerx Development, focuses squarely on reducing a law department’s hemorrhage of expense in litigation — document review. Manny Guerrero, a Partner and co-founder of Casewerx, sent samples of a DiscoveryMetrics dashboard and from looking at his slides it appears to be a useful tool.

The dashboard shows productivity, quality and financial metrics for document review projects. Instead of using higher priced law firm associates, in-house counsel and outside counsel can audit the performance of (less expensive) contract attorneys or offshore lawyers conducting a document review. Regardless of the review platform being used, DiscoveryMetrics measures each contract attorney’s productivity and accuracy and can also provide insight into the types of errors reviewers are making. Users can also benchmark law firms and LPO providers against each other, and have actionable data on the quality and cost of service providers.