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A “buddy system” to build collegiality (Cox Communications)

An Assistant General Counsel with Cox Communications, speaking at ACC’s 2004 Annual Meeting (Course 309), said that they have put in place a method that encourages people in the law department to get to know each other better.

Called the “Buddy System,” it pairs people for six-month periods. During that time, they are expected to have lunch together at least three times. The Buddy System mixes lawyers, paralegals, and administrative assistants. (Meta-post on morale. See my posts of April 14, 2005 on brown bag lunches, Oct. 20, 2005 on low-cost mood boosters, Oct. 29, 2005 on underlying causes, Nov. 19, 2005 on satisfaction compared to “engagement,” and Nov. 19, 2005 on Reuters’ efforts.)

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