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A law firm’s online TV feed helps law departments train clients in employment law issues

In 2006, the winner of the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers contest was Addleshaw Goddard. That UK law firm produces “an employment channel — a 24-hour-a-day online television feed that allows clients to train and educate their staff on important aspects of personnel and employment law.” No more about the high-tech legal delivery is described in Fin. Times, Feb. 6, 2007 at 7, but that snippet is impressive enough.

When law department lawyers try to distinguish one large law firm from the next, it may well be that outstanding creativity like Addleshaw’s, coupled with effective implementation, win the trophy. Usually, however, law departments who invite law firms to strut their stuff lament the lack of innovation (See my posts of May 4, 2005; Sept. 10, 2005; and Feb. 11, 2007 on the lack of creativity by law firms; March 11, 2007 and fixed-fee arrangements; about; May 3, 2007 about thinking outside the bun for RFPs; Oct. 30, 2005 #3 and May 16, 2006 with some survey data; and July 21, 2005 on the low value law departments place on law firm creativity.).