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A resource for law departments that seek minority outside counsel – the National Minority Law Group (NMLG)

Diversity & The Bar, Vol. 9, March/April 2007 at 31, describes the NMLG as “an alliance of 16 certified and AV-rated, full-service minority-owned law firms.” Founded in 2003, its members include Miami-based Adorno & Yoss – “the largest certified minority-owned firm in the United States.” The firms are located in major metropolitan areas and bring together more than 500 attorneys.

The members of NMLG refer work to each other and sometimes team on projects (See my posts of Dec. 5, 2005 about virtual law firms; and May 30, 2005 and Dec. 19, 2005 about several international associations of law firms). What the certification process is that accredits these firms, I do not know.