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A search for books by “law department”on (note the 1907 classic

This search turned up 133 hits, but at least a 100 of them are commencement addresses for graduates of various law schools. Of the first 60 listed, the books were, in order:

Rees Morrison, Law Department Benchmarks (Glasser LegalWorks 2001), with the proud Amazon Sales Rank of 2,441,287 (wait, don’t laught, others are much lower!)

Jack Rudman, Law Department Investigator: Test Preparation Study Guide (C849) for $29.95 (I could not figure out what this book does, and for whom)

David Schellhase, Corporate Law Department Handbook, for $231.15 and no Amazon Sales Rank.

Harold Vogel, Corporate Law Department Practice (Prentice-Hall, 1972), ranked at 4,162,325

Rees Morrison, Client Satisfaction for Law Departments (Corp. Legal Times 2003), ranked at 2,975,586

John Greener, History of the Office of the Corporate Counsel of the City of New York (M. B. Brown 1907) no rank

Catherine Cronin-Harris, Building ADR with the Corporate Law Department (CPR 1997), ranked 3,336,462

Joanne Martin, Corporate Law Department Trends and the Effect of the Current Bar Admission System (Am. Corp. Counsel Inst. 1987) not ranked.

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